The word “Burbank” is a common placename in English-speaking countries and a common last surname name also. The name Burbank is actually of English origin and means “lives on the castle’s hill”. Burbank’s history is as old as that of the United States itself. Initially there were part of two Spanish land grants, Rancho San Rafael, contracted in 1798, and Rancho La Providencia, granted in 1821.

The remarkable area of Burbank’s expansion is the entertainment industry. Warners, Columbia Pictures and Walt Disney Studios all had setting in Burbank by 1940. In the coming two decades, both Warners Columbia Pictures and Walt Disney Studios combined by television’s NBC. The famous, “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” became a common catchphrase in TV-tied American households.

Alongside the blooming industry of entertainment in early twentieth century Burbank, was the aviation industry. Burbank was the headquarters of Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1920’s. After next, few decades this industry leaped the pinnacle of boom. Lockheed obtained Burbank’s Union Air Terminal in 1940 abiding its commercial air flights and its private company uses.

Else, than Industrial success, Burbank is the lap of countless theatres, playhouses, and musical compositions of Broadway-style shows featuring top performances. Plays like Of Mice and Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Macbeth, Around the World in 80 Days, The Glass Menagerie, An Ideal Husband, Lost in Yonkers, Nutcracker Suite, and many others are the fruits of Burbank. Watching a nice quality play is the best way of enjoying an evening in the city.

Museum is a place that attracts people and then imagine having museums ranging diverse categories. Burbanks has many different museums to entertain people coming from all walks of life. Autry National Center is a special king of museum featuring the western lifestyle of America. It shows the changes occurred over the years; it’s an interesting journey one takes through this museum. The Burbank Aviation Museum is a nonprofit organization. This museum contains a large collection of aviation photographs, memorabilia, and relics to recall and honor Burbank’s aviation legacy for upcoming generations.

George Westmore Library and Museum was the first makeup department at a motion picture studio at Selig Polyscope Studios in Edendale a village of Los Angeles adjacent to Hollywood.Westmore. George Westmores first founded it. Very soon, George Westmore became the top hairstylist and makeup artist used by Hollywood actors before they went on film. This museum encompasses cosmetics and hair styling memorabilia, books, and photographs dating to the golden era in Hollywood.

The Gordon R. Howard Museum managed by Burbank Historical Society is a museum that is restoring the history Burbank. The museum displays mementos from its storied past. The collection includes a Victorian house made in 1887, a movie industry exhibit highlighting Burbank’s involvement with feature films, a police exhibit, and various other permanent and temporary exhibits.

Burbank exhibits a Police and Fire Museum- a unique museum of it’s kind to tribute the department for their services for the city.

Warner Bros Museum a new museum opened in 1996 packed with classic Hollywood memorabilia from the studio’s golden days. Besides other items, there is Sam’s piano from “Casablanca” and the original Maltese Falcon. This particular museum is only open for those who take the VIP Tour. Now the new museum presents many of the key costumes, props, animation cells and letters collected over 70+ years of Warner Bros filmmaking. So you are definitely looking for dozens of fun-packed entertainment in Burbank. People wish to visit this warm and beautiful city repeatedly.

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