Choosing a Heavy Machinery Moving Service

There are many services available to those that need to move heavy machinery. A number of companies offer such services, but be sure to choose one that has a lot of experience. Heavy machinery moving is very serious business and there is a lot of investment involved.

There are a number if things to look for in a company that moves heavy machinery. You want to take into consideration factors such as how much experience they have, the right number and quality of personnel, what equipment they use, whether or not they service ports, and if they have their own warehouse.

Experience moving heavy machinery

Hands down, this is the single most important element to take into consideration when you’re looking for a company to move heavy machinery. Experience means they’ve got a track record of service. How good the service is depends on the company, but one that’s been in business for twenty years obviously has some satisfied clients.

The right number and quality of personnel experienced in heavy machinery moving

Having the right people is another key element and one that cannot be stressed enough. There should be a project-coordinator, an on-site consultant, and experienced machinery movers. Each of these personnel exists to ensure the optimal level of service to clients. Having the right people makes everything run smoothly, efficiently, and on time.

Also, make sure that the companies personnel are certified and licensed appropriately and that they have the correct credentials.

What equipment they use for moving heavy machines

What equipment a company uses is also important in deciding to use them to move machinery. Make sure to ask about their heavy machinery movement equipment. You will find both unique equipment and standard machinery moving equipment like high-capacity forklifts, cranes, trailers and air-ride trucks.

If the machinery moving company offers service to ports

If you are an importer or exporter of heavy, high-grade goods, it is imperative to consider whether a machinery moving company offers such services as crating and transporting to and from national and international ports. Some offer this service, but others don’t, so be sure and ask.

If they have their own warehouse (s) for machine storage

If a company has its own warehouse (s) they are one, successful, and two, provide storage for heavy machinery that needs to be kept for later use or simply between transport from one area to another.

Dunkel Brothers Machinery Moving

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