Commerce is a town of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Commerce is a beautiful combination of residential, industrial and commercial activities. This city came into being in 1960; Commerce City is situated six miles east of downtown Los Angeles. This city comforts 13,377 families and 1,800 businesses. Residents of Commerce enjoy magnificent facilities due to the great work done by the Commerce Casino Club by raising desirable funds from taxes on local card club. These funds accounts for 46% ($19.5 Million for budget year 2005/06) of Commerce’s tax revenues, and the Citadel.

Commerce includes four libraries, a senior center, a teen center, an aquatics center, and a city-owned camp positioned in the San Bernardino National Forest free of charge for Commerce natives. Commerce proudly stands in the list of those few cities in California that offer its residents zero-fare bus service. However, residential turnover is low as compared to neighboring cities. Commerce has risen from an almost entirely Anglo city at its apex to the exception of tremendously Latino. This small city gives a warm welcome to it’s visitors and behold them with their inexplicable hospitality and radiance.

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