The City of Hawthorne was built-in 1922 presently holding approximately a population of 87,000 within a six square mile area. Hawthorne is positioned near the Los Angeles International Airport, linked by rail to the Port of Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles. Hawthorne is enclosed by the San Diego (I-405), Harbor (I-110), and Glenn M. Anderson (I-105) Freeways. It would be no exaggeration to call Hawthorne “Hub of the South Bay.” This city was advertised and referred as the land between the city and the sea by many papers and people. The location of Hawthorne is ideal for effortless as well as swift access to all that Southern California offers counting from culture, sports, entertainment, mountains, and beaches. Atop the temperatures in the region has been always among the most pleasing in the Los Angeles basin.

Hawthorne has progressed immensely over the years to provide the high quality of living standards to it’s natives. Hawthorne has given many stars to the world few out of them are Jim Thorpe one of the world’s greatest athletes who lived in Hawthorne. This city was also hometown of Beach Boys. Moreover, the Aircraft pioneer Jack Northrop established his company in Hawthorne.

Now in terms of fun too Hawthorne is not left behind. The interesting Halloween Carnival is all time entertainment for people of all ages from town as well as outside. This spooky yet entertaining event includes Boosketball, Witches Brew Toss, Skeleton Ringer and more. The best part of it is that Hawthorne makes this event free for kids 12 and under. There are also some nice parks and fine restaurants to enjoy your day or evening in the town.

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