Dunkel Bros Machinery Moving Experts have the in-house moving equipment and equipment relocation expertise for all your relaction needs. Our movers and on-site supervisors have the expertise to evaluate and define the scope of the project, select the right people and deliver the job on time and within price, whether we are moving a single piece of equipment, or relocating an entire facility. We are the premier heavy equipment and machinery movers and facility relocation specialists and will provide you with the best value available.

Dunkel Bros has the equipment and manpower for fast track plant relocation, removal or installation.

Heavy Machinery Moving Services

Moving heavy objects can be done most of the time and most conveniently with forklifts, movable gantries or mobile cranes. However, there are occasions when it is impossible to use this type of equipment because of height restrictions or positioning the object in tight areas.

Leverage tools, such as pinch bars, can be used in tight areas to either lift or shift heavy objects. Pinch bars are very slow but will lift several thousand pounds at least high enough to set spacers or other devices that will assist in moving the equipment.

At Dunkel Bros, we have the experience and equipment needed to ensure your heavy machinery is moved effectively.