Hollywood a dream city, where star are born and destinies are made. This one city you don’t have to introduce in the world, the name says all. Hollywood is world famous for it’s film history. This city is every actor’s dream no matter from which region of the earth an actor belongs too. Hollywood has evolved as a symbol of success having it’s movie studios and movie stars fame. The nickname of the town Tinseltown also means something glittering that refers to the nature of this city.

Currently the movie industry has expanded to several neighboring cities of Hollywood but still the basic backbone of film industry including Paramount Pictures productions, editing, effects, props, post-production and lighting companies are nestled in Hollywood.

The history of filming in Hollywood start back in 1910 when the director D. W. Griffith was to biograph the west coast with his crew actors naming Blanche Sweet, Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore and others. They decided to explore new areas for shooting and ended up in the little suburban area called Hollywood. The crew enjoyed the experience of shooting here, this was only the start and then there was no looking back. Followed by the filming of first film named In Old California, the company made several other films before leaving for their town New York.

The first studio in Hollywood was established by the New Jersey-based Centaur Co was the first company to establish it’s film studio in Hollywood. The company hired a vacant roadside house and converted into their studio in 1911. The studio was named Nestor Studio that was the namesake of western branch of their company. Director Cecil B. DeMille and Oscar Apfel took initiative to make the first feature film in 1914 called The Squaw Man. Numerous small companies along with famous companies like Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO and Columbia have studios in Hollywood.

In 1956 the famous Capitol Records was incorporated in Hollywood. In the year of 1958 the famous legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame was produced. And the tribute was given to the artists performing in the film industry by placing a star in 1960. The star is only given to an artist based on their lifetime achievements in motion pictures, live theatre, radio, television, and or music, and their charitable and civic contributions.

In 1985 National Register of Historic Places register the Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District official in the book so that the coming generation can cherish the past as well as the history of golden Hollywood. The long anticipated Hollywood extension of the Los Angeles County Metro Rail Red Line subway released in 1999. This route ran down to downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood having stops next to Hollywood Boulevard, Vine Street and Highland Avenue.

The new home of Oscars The Kodak Theatre is cited on the land where once the Hollywood Hotel was built. However, in 2001, The Kodak Theatre took this avenue and converted it in a theatre and until then it is serving as a new home for Oscars. People around the world know Hollywood as a film industry homeland. No doubt, the charm and stardom here is incomparable to any other place. Nevertheless, Hollywood is filled with fun-filled vicinities, museums and parks. A panorama of colorful events takes place round the year. This is the city where night never falls and the entertainment never stops.

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