Redlands is located in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The calculation of 2000 shows, the city is home to over 63,591 residents. Redlands is a small town hold firmly to it’s rich heritage and people with open arms. This town is flourishing with diverse exceptional entertainment venues.

Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom as the name suggests is an ancient theme and water park. This park is not well kept so the “theme” that suggests a space pharaoh, poorly evocative of the Stargate films. The park is made interested with games and art featuring Go-Cart raceways, miniature golf, an amphitheater, and a water park. Redlands is a fertile land in terms of art especially speaking of musical bands and solo local artists. To name a few are Hobo Jazz, All Marbles, Rolling Reunion, Matt Coleman, Kelly McGuire.

To entertain the natives and the tourists or visitors the town offers many sites for music where you can dance to the tunes. The Vault Martini Bar, The Performance Loft, The Little Fisherman. The city has live music on all weekends. Form All these vicinities not only entertain but also prove a platform for the new up-coming talents. Celebrities are asset of this land, the versatile actor Benji Schwimmer, winner of Season 2 of the hit television show who acted in So You Think You Can Dance is a Redland native.

Redlands has appeared in many movies. “How to Make an American Quilt (1995)”, Redlands was the venue to many scenes of this movie. The detective television program Cannon presenting William Conrad, two full episodes of the show were filmed in Redlands. Joyride the famous movie was partly filmed here. In one of the episodes of American Castles, Kimberly Crest was filmed. Most part of the Hell Night movie was filmed In Redlands. The site was converted into a museum after the shooting of the movie completed. University of Redlands was used as a shooting spot for many scenes of the movie Rules of Attraction as well as Slackers. How to Rob A Bank, assorted scene of it were shot at Citrus Ave, Redlands. The background of film Nixon were houses in Redlands. CSI’s one episode was filmed at Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom.

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