Redondo Beach is a beautiful coastal scenic heaven in United States. Redondo Beach is out of the three Beach Cities sited in Los Angeles County, California. As the calculation of 2000, the city population was 63,261 and until now, it has increased considerably. Redondo Beach is sited in a very accessible location for several places. This town is only twenty miles away from Los Angeles Downtown and almost has a distance of seven miles from Los Angeles international Airport.

This coastal city is one of the cherished choices of tourists and visitors. In addition, Redondo Beach also has been a preference for natives as a hometown. Redondo Beach is city with dazzling scenic beauty whereas the high quality life adds an extended charm to it. Redondo Beach city is a pot-puree of social activities entertaining people of diverse lifestyles. Redondo Beach offers two public libraries. Diverse nature fifteen parks thirteen small parks, King harbor along with a huge fun center as well as commercial harbor. Moreover, the landmarks like the Redondo Beach Pier and Seaside Lagoon with a bathing and surfing beach. This city also has a 1,500-slip private craft port. A remarkable fun-park is nestled on the coast grasping assorted over 300 Arcade and Redemption Games. Naming a few that come among the favorite of kids are Tilt-A-Whirl, Kiddie Rides. In addition, here you can give yourself a treat of seafood treat in a fine Seafood restaurant.

All these places guarantee a fun-filled family vacation. There are other activities and events too going on monthly or annually. Municipal Pier and the sandy beach remain the center of attention of tourists. Municipal Pier exhibits many games for the natives and tourists. The North Redondo Beach is home to the western terminus of the Metro Rail Green Line. Redondo Beach not only has assorted events and an activity added to many recreational places and it also holds deep roots of rich culture and heritage and has given many stars coming from diverse professions. This land has many renowned poets, as Jerry is a famous poet, he is the member of South Bay Poets.

ArnaAzzi is a Micro mosaic and Mosaic Sectalis Art worker, he is acknowledged among the best is from this rich coastal city. The famous Photographer & Watercolorist

Robi Hutas residing in South Bay is another celebrity of this town. OrDaz who made a name of his own in Marble & Tile Portraits, plates and Murals field also present Redodndo Beach background. A fabulous artist Zatari known for introducing unique style in Hand Crafted Mosaic Stepping Stones & Bricks is a native of Redondo Beach. Besides these celebreties many famous personalities choose this place as their dwelling like Gordon Wagner who lived here from (1915-1985).

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