Santa Ana was incorporated in 1869. This town is the most populous city in California, US. This city has population over 353,184 natives. As the calculation of United States Census Bureau Santa Ana is the second largest land in the United, having a large population of thirteen million people.

Santa Ana is named after the Santa Ana Freeway (Interstate 5) that flows within the city. Not only this the valley is name sake with neighboring Santa Ana Mountains and the infamous Santa Ana Winds, these Ana Winds are known to accelerate the seasonal wildfires within the area of Southern California.

Heritage Museum of Orange County is a nestled amid the mesmerizing gardens and citrus orchards in the west area of Santa Ana. Santa Ana proudly holds the historic Kellogg House. This vicinity is student’s favorite field trip destination.

Santa Ana and California State University collaborated to form Fullerton Grand Central Art Center. This center is situated in the Downtown National Register District, which is also known as Artists village. This art center is devoted to advertise as well as to investigate the contemporary art and visual culture on regional, national, and international level by a novel partnership among artists, students, and the community.

A unique venue Delhi Park is adjacent to Delhi Neighborhood. This park is home to Santa Ana’s recent community centers. Victor Villaseñor refers this unique park in one of her novel called Rain of Gold. Santa Ana is home to a science museum Discovery Science Center that features over 100 hands-on science exhibits designed to intrigue children’s natural inquisitiveness. This museum has evolved as a fantastic icon having a ten-story solar array cube standing over Interstate 5.

There are sub-divisions of this center into diverse theme regions like Discovery Stadium, Techno Arts, Air & Space, Perception, Dynamic Earth, Quake Zone, the Digital Lab and KidStation. You can get the thrill of visual life-size dinosaurs in the recently built Dino Quest.

A remarkable Floral Park located just at the north edge of Santa Ana. This neighborhood echoes the golden age with it’s warm-hearted natives and tree-shadowed alleys. This vicinity is packed with spacious lawns, stylish architecture and the sweet aroma of flowers. This place was once the home for orange, avocado and walnut orchards. Still original farmhouses are preserved that transport the visitors in the past with the fresh and original aroma of fruits still flowing in the air.

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