Santa Barbara known as California’s “South Coast”, at times also referred identifies as “American Riviera. This sun-kissed land is perched between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The town as the calculation of 2000 has population of 92,325. This beautiful city attracts uncountable tourists every year. Santa Barbara is every tourist’s desired vacation spot.

The perfect Mediterranean weather, seductive sandy beaches and the spice of Spanish architecture. This deadly fun-filled combination hovers thousands of Tourists to this town benefiting it by over one billion dollars annually. The mesmerizing Santa Barbara County Courthouse constructed with red tiles Spanish-Moorish building gives a spectacular view of the downtown from the top of its open-air tower. In 1782, a magnificent Presidio of Santa Barbara a Spanish military installation was erected. Once that building was the center point of the town.

“Old Spanish Days” is one of the famous annual carnivals that is celebrated every August. Co-committee named Fiesta Board comprising on the local Daughters of the Golden West and the local Sons of the Golden West hosts this festival. An interesting attraction of the land is Flower Girls and Las Señoritas. Girls under age 13 join Flower Girl where as Las Señoritas are girl elder especially they join at the age of 16. These native girls throw different flowers and roses on to the crowd.

Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show are celebrated on Cabrillo Blvd since last 40 years. Natives of the town exhibit their arts and masterpieces for viewers. People take keen interest in this event. The stupendous mega Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) has spread like wild fire; it gathers esteemed heartthrob celebrities, premieres, panels and movies from all over the world. This 10 days celebration draws over 50,000 visitors who enthusiastically attend this awaited festival.

Summer Solstice Parade attracts almost 100,000 visitors annually to the San Barbara. It is a very multihued, rich themed parade by the natives. This parade takes a walk of almost one mile starting from State Street and finishing at Alameda Park. This parade is adorned with costumes of capricious as well as shocking styles and floats. Following a week after the solstice events and street parties, goes overall weekend of the parade.

Surfing is a highlight of the city. World-famous 3-time world champion Tom Curren, 10-time world champion Kelly Slater, and many popular surfing stars as Jack Johnson acknowledge Santa Barbara home. Surfing has converted to the height of art in San Barbara.

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