Santa Clarita stands proudly at the fourth position largest city in Los Angeles County. The population of the city was 177,045, 2008 by the calculation of California Department of Finance. The unincorporated regions of the town raise the population to the sum of over 275,000. Santa Clarita is ranked as the sixth safest town in the nation.

Santa Clarita was originally built-in in 1987. However, the history of this city is quite old. First inhabitants of the city came somewhere between 25,000 and 18,000 years ago. Tataviam came to settle here in a group of 2000 in about AD 450. Landmarks of Santa Clarita are the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), The Master’s College and Grace Baptist Church.

Santa Clarita is also famous due to the wildfires that are common as well as frequent to this land. It is one of the top areas in the nation for wildfire activity. Latest fires in and out of Santa Clarita involve Stables (2001), Copper (2002), Bouquet (2002), Simi (2003), Verdale (2003), Foothill (2004), Buckweed (2007), Ranch (2007), Magic (2007), and Sayre (2008) Fires.

Santa Clarity pays special and keen attention to the recreation for native especially keeping the youth as well as the kids in mind. The authorities establish several entertainment programs and neighborhood parks. The Canyon Country is home to a recreational center including an aquatic park with wading, diving, and Olympic swimming pools with a bicycle/skate park, community swimming pools. Central Park is Santa Clarita’s largest park sited in Saugus. The city is adorned with big and small seventeen parks for public. Most parks exhibit a games ground having lighted tennis and basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields.

Local businesses have collaborated with the city to sponsor a summer concert series providing a vast range of music. The best part is that these concerts are free of cost and are conducted on every weekend at Central Park. In November, annually The Santa Clarita Marathon takes place. Many recreational activities goes on throughout the year to provide healthy as well as constructive entertainment to the locals and tourists. Many private and public golf courses are sited in town counting TPC Valencia, Valencia Country Club, and Vista Valencia. Ice Station a public ice skating rink is also situated in Santa Clarita.

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