Santa Monica is situated a city in the west of Los Angeles County. Los Angeles city encircle Santa Monica fully and it is neighboring to Pacific Ocean. By the calculation of Census Bureau 2007, the population increased to 91,124. The named is named after the Saint Monica of Hippos. Spaniards first toured this land after Saint Monica’s first feast. The ocean park neighborhood and some regions of Venice in skateboard and surfing communities refer to Santa Monica as Dogtown.

Pleasing weather of the city started attracting tourists since the beginning of 20th century. The tourism to town is one of the key reasons for it’s progress especially for the era of 1980s. This traveler’s fantasy has also attracted many filmmakers. This vicinity has dazzling natural scenery perfect for shooting.

Full U.S comedy (1963) It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World has a lot of it’s scenes shot in Santa Monica. Santa Monica’s John Adams Middle School was used as a set in many scenes of the 1989 movie Heathers. Famous movies Rocky III, Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed starring Sylvester Stallone used Santa Monica Beach to train Clubber Lang for fighting. Santa Monica High School is used in the Movie Seventeen. Renowned Forrest Gump finished his famous run crossing United States at the Santa Monica Pier. The end of movie Cellular was filmed at the Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica was used for the the old series of famous Baywatch.

“Three’s Company” nation’s favorite sitcom was also set in Santa Monica. A major set of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was in this town. Several scenes of Entourage shot many scenes on a main street of Santa Monica. The set of television series Pacific Blue was in Santa Monica. The Private Practice television series featuring Kate Walsh is in Santa Monica. A considerable part of Raymond Chandler’s most famous character, private detective Philip Marlowe adventures were in a place called “Bay City”. This city was a reflection of depression-era Santa Monica. A list of songs are dedicated to this marvelous town.

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