Torrance city is perched in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County. The population of the town was recorded almost 142,000 in 2005. Torrance is ranked 34th largest in California and sixth largest in Los Angeles. The actual located of Torrence is in the middle of Redondo Beach and Malaga Cove. The shared area of Torrance and Redondo Beaches is commonly referred as “Rat Beach”, which is an abbreviation of “Right After Torrance” Beach or “Redondo and Torrance Beach”.

Torrence is home to United States largest shopping mall Del Amo Fashion Center covering 2.5 million square feet (232,000 m²). The further extension of the mall in 1982 made it the longest mall in the world currently. The mall is used for it’s uniqueness in several motion films counting Jackie Brown and Bad Santa. After the new amendments in 2005, by demolishing the east side of the mall, Del Amo Fashion Center was converted into an open-air shopping plaza. The renovated Del Amo Fashion Center is home to fashionable clothiers Anthropologies, exclusive local Outfitters and the restaurant PF Chang’s. In 2007, the housewares retail giant Crate & Barrel opened.

Torrence is home to one out of the country’s few urban wetlands. The town sponsors the longest running military parade that was initiated in 1960. This parade takes place every year on Armed Forces Day it ends at Torrance Boulevard. There are military vehicles, school bands, and prominent community members in the marvelous parade.

Torrence fortunately has been an attraction for the cultural refence for Tv as well as the films. The city has been subject of a number of cultural references. Mark Wahlberg starring Boogie Nights as Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler and in Three Kings his character Sfc is a native of Torrence. A character Troy Barlow in an epilogue is shown to manage a carpet store that was in Torranc. “Praise You” video by Fatboy Slim was fictionalized by Three Kings co-star Spike Jonze as a Torrance Community Dance Group. Freak Strike an episode South Park also refers to Torrance. The film Volcano 1997 was set and filmed in Torrance. The famous Charlie’s Angel movie, one of it’s significant scene Full Throttle was shot at the location of Foster’s Freeze Drive-thru in downtown Torrance.

A European-themed restaurant consisting on market and shopping area, which actually doesn’t lie within the city limits but features a Torrence local popular version of the Oktoberfest celebrations in the month of September and October on weekends since last 35 years having brewed beer on location.

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