Whittier is about 12 miles away from Los Angeles. It’s a not by it a big county but it has so many things, places and landmarks, records made by it. The population by the calculation of 2000 was 83,680. United States largest cemetery Rose Hills Memorial Park is situated in Whittier. An intriguing museum named Whittier Museum is open for visitors on every Saturday and Sunday and it’s absolutely free of charge.

Whittier has occupied a handsome amount of space in the legendary book National Register of Historic Places. Pio Pico House, Hoover Hotel, National Bank of Whittier Building, Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, Standard Oil Building, Jonathan Bailey House, Orin Jordan House, Orin Jordan House all these venues are mentioned in National Register of Historic Places.

A long, long list of movies and TV serials are set and filmed here. It has become a favorite site for filming. Famous films filmed here includes Back to the Future/Back to the Future Part II, Hill Valley High School, The Next Best Thing, Matilda, Bringing Down the House, Blow, Masters of the Universe, Walk, Don’t Run, South of Nowhere, Disturbia (film) (2007), Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (2000). All famous films that audiences like watch repeatedly were filmed here. The location of a movie is a major aspect for the liking of a movie. This attract more tourists as they watch this town in movies, it intrigues them to visit the place themselves.

Whereas Hocus Pocus, Father of the Bride Part II, The Wonder Years, Terminator 3 (2003), Ali, The Oh in Ohio, Big Fat Liar (2002), What Just Happened? (2008) were partially filmed here, though all these movies have their important and significant scenes filmed here. Moreover, in many movies the names of the venues are visibly seen. Popular TV serials Moonlight was set and filmed in this town. These pictures have increased the tourist rate to this city annually. If you want to see the historic or the natural sites Whittier can be one of the places you would like to spend your vacation.

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