A remarkable record of 30 years gives an esteemed name to Dunkel Bros. in the field of rigging services throughout United States. Our expertise amplified our services list as we also provide professional equipment dismantling, installing as well as relocating solutions to our clients in the region of Orange County.

Dunkel Bros. competence has become their trademark. Highly skilled professionals and latest technology use made them a preferred choice for the machinery moving clients in Orange County. Dunkel Bros. stand unequaled among other mover companies in the Orange County due to it’s swift and well-organized services.

Pre-planning of every aspect of project makes us to note down complete information of all steps so we don’t miss any important detail for working. This detailing avoids delays and fulfils the client’s requirements.

Our high-tech moving apparatus includes specialized cranes, forklifts and gantry systems gives efficient and heavy rigging services. For any kind of equipment, ranging from delicate to heavy Dunkel Bros. can provide you with best swift and cost effective solutions.

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