A small though notably progressing city centrally located in the western portion of the Inland Empire. Chino presents luxurious green valley beneath the San Gabriel Valley Mountains. Chino emerged as a city in 1910; Chino is a well-woven residential as well as commercial area adjoining to gorgeous neighborhoods.

The motto of Chino is, “Where Everything Grows”, obviously it directly refers to it’s agricultural beginning. Along with agriculture farming, progress, Dairy farming of Chino serves the significant demands for milk products in Southern California and most of the southwestern United States. The mission statement of the city is “Together we take pride in providing quality, caring service to our community.” Moreover, no doubt the city staff is fulfilling their dedication to the city mission statement providing only the best to their customers as well as the natives. Chino was awarded the esteemed “100 Best Communities for Youth” award for the second time in three years that showed the hard work of the citizens for the progress of Chino.

Chino’s mesmerizing valleys sparkle even more with it’s attraction for the visitors. The museum of Planes of Fame is a spectacular museum. It was originally formed in 1957 but finally shifted to Chino in 1973. The Japanese aircraft collection in this museum is the largest of a its kind in the world. This collection also includes the only flying Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter with its original Sakae engine. A lot of aircrafts in the museum are single existing examples of their kind like Northpole N9MB Flying Wing. Out of 150 aircrafts, 30 are flyable whereas other remaining are under restoration in the museum.

Yanks Air Museum is another museum but is a non-profit organization located on Chino airport. This museum focused on American aviation is located at the Chino Airport in Chino, California. The collection counts almost 120 aircraft mostly from aviation eras, ranging from 1920’s biplanes, through varied World War Two aircraft up to early and modern jet aircraft. Exceptional kind displaying includes the Ryan Brougham, American Eagle A-101, Stearman 4D, Cessna AW, Bell P-39 Airacobra and North American FJ-1 Fury. Two large hangers are open for public display.

We also have Chino Seventh Street Theatre  a small community theatre to entertain everyone. This rich city will not let boredom come near it’s locals as well as visitors.

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