A small significant city Glendale was incorporated in 1906. For a considerable time this land was inhabited by the Tongva people. With the passage of time, the land was passed on to several other authorities coming from diverse roots. The calculation of Census Bureau in 2004 and 207,007 by the California State government in 2005 ranked it as the third largest city in Los Angeles County and the seventeenth largest city in the state of California.

Glendale is renowned for joining Burbank for helping them in the early emergence of aviation. The active Grand Central Airport, which served Burbank is currently non-operational. Glendale is the home of many though assorted aspects of things contributing to the popularity as well as the development of the city. In August 1936, the Bob’s Big Boy chain of hamburger restaurants started in Glendale on East Colorado. In Adams Square in 1945, another notable production started named “31 Flavors” chain of ice cream parlo rs by the owner called Baskin-Robbins.

World’s largest collection of books on cats that contain over 20,000 volumes on cats is also present in the prestigious Glendale Public Library on Harvard Street. The library holds “Special Collections” containing original documents and records on most of the history of Glendale. Multinational Swiss foods Nestlé and Pancake’s U.S headquarters is also situated in Glendale. Many other large companies as well have offices in the city. Unfortunately Glendale was once the place holding 30 gangs active in 90’s which dropped down favorably over the time and now only 5 documented gangs are remaining and it is hoped that in no time Glendale will be free of all these riots gangs.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery contains the remains of many celebrities and local residents. The novelty of this particular cemetery is its new style. It is famous as the pioneer of a new style of cemetery. There is absolutely so much to explore in this city. The activities, events and hospitality of the natives are the highlights of Glendale.

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