A beautiful coastline city in Orange County that gives you the stunning view of sunset near the sea. Huntington Beach as the name also suggests is famous for its long 8.5 miles (13.7 km) beach, gentle climate, and of course not to mention the brilliant surfing. This coastal land’s waves of Huntington Beach have an exceptional natural effect produced by edge-brink of ocean bulges caused the island of Catalina, and waves from remote twisters. The arc of the coastline at Huntington Beach makes the local beach faces southwest directly. Huntington Beach facing southwest frequently gets very strong surf in summer that is famous as “south swell”.

Tourists liking beaches can find this beautiful land a perfect vacation resort for them. It’s not amazing to learn that in summer most of the recreational events revolve around the sea. So visitors planning their vacation in Huntington Beach should forget their swim suit added by other swimming gadgets. Huntington Beach is home to the world surfing championships, held every year in summer. Huntington Beach is often acknowledged as “Surf City” due to it’s tradition and history of surfing and the high profile event arranged by the town for surfing to keep them on the top of surfing activities. The other name for city is the “Surfing Capital of the World”, not because it has high tides but for the unwavering quality of surf.

Water is the not only sport though the major one, these beaches also contain big parks where kids can enjoy the rides and adults can have a party. Huntington Beach Public Library is another attraction sited in Central Park in a distinguished building. Richard Neutra and Dion Neutra designed this library. HBAC is another choice or we should say a must-see option for everyone. It’s a unique art center responsible making the audience think how to make their homeland a better place to live and enjoy. At this center, the citizens of Huntington Beach think how to improve transportation, private and public spaces and the economic recourse distributions. This center also held competition and other entertainment programs for the public.

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