La Habra is a city nestled in the Northwestern bend of Orange County, California, United States. By the calculation 2007 census, La Habra enclosed a sum of population of 62,635. The name LA Habra means “Pass Through the Hills”. In old days when the Mexican cattle and horses grazed over the hills and valleys of Southern California. This land was granted to Don Mariano Reyes Roldan consisted on 6,698 acres (27 km2). He named this beautiful lush green land Rancho Cañada de La Habra.

This little city keep it’s locals as well as the outsider action-packed with it’s daily, monthly as well as the annual entertaining activities. Residents and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to visit La Habra’s Parks. La Habra Parks Maintenance Division maintained 24 parks in the City. These Parks include all of the services in the parks counting buildings, playground equipment, bleachers, monuments and recreational fields. A beautiful children museum is a wonderful addition in intriguing kids as well as the family entertainment. This museum was built in 1977. Since then it is entertaining all native, national and international kids and their families. Children can do so much here; they can ride a kid-size carousel, take a walk in T-Rex’s footprints, pet an Arctic fox, pump gas, drive a bus, dress up and perform, and dig for fossils.

This museum vividly emphasize on the aspect of playing in the development of learning for kids. Through entertainment kids at times even learn things that otherwise seem very difficult for them to understand. Such activities improve their skills, abilities and they get a chance to be creative.

The annual Spring Family Extravaganza is another notable fiesta La Habra offers. The carnival begins with a bang and a delicious breakfast of pancake hosted by the La Habra Host Lions Club. This fair offers game booths, inflatable jumpers, arts and crafts, a mini health fair, music and visits with the Easter Bunny. A small but interesting La Habra art gallery sooths the esthetics of art lovers. La Habra is a small pleasant town containing a lot to offer to everyone.

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