Visitors definitely can see Pasadena with rose-colored glasses. Pasadena is known world over it’s immense production of roses. Pasadena is in Los Angeles County. Many faculties add to the popularity of Pasadena but roses remain on top rank for the town’s fame. Pasadena hosts the annual Rose Bowl football game plus Tournament of Roses Parade. This fertile land is home to diverse top most scientific and cultural institutions naming the few are California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This laboratory is one of the foremost robotics and spacecraft design and manufacturing NASA center.

Other institutes are Art Center College of Design, the Pasadena Playhouse, and California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena. These institutes regarding art show a keen interest of authorities as well as the natives for art in addition, there is Norton Simon Museum of Art. Pasadena is homeland to over 146,518 as per the calculation of 2007. This makes this town the 160th largest city in the United States. Whereas in Los Angeles Pasadena is placed as 6th largest city.

The core of all cultural activities of San Gabriel Valley is Pasadena. The biggest event that is held on every second Sunday monthly since the date of 1967 is the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Innumerable dealers and visitors come to Rose Bowl to see this wonderful market. This market will leave you breathless confusing you with it’s unending choices to shop. You can find anything from cheap furniture to expensive antique items. So do save some money for this market when you Pasadena.

Visitors can hear the whistling of breeze vividly in Pasadena, no think again. It’s not the wind it’s the huge population of naturalized parrots. The talk of the city would be incomplete without parrots. You can easily see and hear beautiful parrots chirping the yearlong. Visitor may get a bit disturbed by the sounds of birds that is very evident in the air of city but the Pasadenans are use to it now. The noise gets louder during the winter so if you are looking for quiet vacations try to visit Pasadena in summer.

On 24 August 2007 The Miss Teen USA 2007, pageant was conducted in Pasadena. Pasadena was honored to host the pageant for the first time. Pasadena Civic Auditorium held the early stages as well as the final competition of the pageant.

Close to Rose Bowl is Kidspace Children’s Museum. This is a perfect spot for kids and the family entertainment. The purpose of this museum is to provide kids a healthy activity space that cultivates in them a thirst for creativity and mutual or group learning. This museum for it’s unique efforts for kids ranks it as leading children’s museum in Southern California. Pasadena holds many attraction and heartwarming hospitality towards the visitors.

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