Space Shuttle Endeavour

Dunkel Bros. was honored to be contracted to take part in the move of the Space Shuttle Endeavour from LAX Airport to the California Science Center. With the Endeavour weighing in at just over 155,000 pounds, this was no simple task.

During this twelve mile journey, our objective was to protect areas of the city streets where there were underground utilities and other structures to protect, as well as to cover areas of transition from street to driveway.

Over the course of two days, Dunkel Bros. placed approximately 1,100 heavy-duty steel plates for the move. It required hundreds of truck loads to get all of the plates onto the different sites and to remove them again.


  • What was being moved: 155,000lb Space Shuttle

  • Location of project: California Science Center

  • Date of Project: 2021


Project Details

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